WJEA conference. Your dreams await!

Great panel discussion this weekend on covering weather and advanced forecasting with Cliff Mass, Seth Wayne from KOMO and KIRO’s Sam Argier. A lot of bright minds in attendance for the Washington Journalism Education Association conference.
An important moment happened …
Afterwards, a young lady approached me with questions. She told me she wants to make a difference in the world, and thinks she can do it with journalism.
I had to pause. I was reminded that she is exactly right.
I reminded her that journalism is the only constitutionally protected career. It’s responsible for major turning points in our nations history.
And journalism is needed now more than ever.
She wanted to sleep well at night knowing she made the right decision.
I told her she will, knowing she stayed true to herself, while seeking the truth.
I’m forever grateful that journalism found me.
I assured my new young friend that she will make a difference in our world.
Your dreams await! Just don’t crawl over others on your way to the top. image

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