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Story Tip of the Week

Serves me right for dishing out my cell phone number to anyone and everyone. This is either the best story tip ever… Or the best prank call yet!! Prank Call

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Trooper Killed, Manhunt Ends

Today is a sad day in Washington State. A man who devotes his life to protecting the public was shot and killed in a shameless, cowardly act. Trooper Tony Radulescu, 44, was doing his job early this morning when a man he’d stopped shot him and left him to die by the side of Highway […]

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Survival Story

Pilot survives crash into Mt. BakerI want to thank Kyle Martin for sitting down with us to tell his amazing story of survival. It’s not everyday that you hear about a pilot and his passenger walking away from a crash into a mountain. But Kyle and Kelly did. It was a peaceful Saturday afternoon… just […]

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Back to the farm

This was a rare weekend in Illinois. It’s been 3 years since ive been able to get back to see my family in Freeport. Its not too far outside of Chicago. I spent a lot of my childhood on this farm. I’ve shown pigs in the county fair and learned what hard work really is. […]

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Big Day

Today, 2/07/12, is the second day of the second week of the second month of the second year of the second decade of the second millennium. …get it?