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Boeing Classic is a perfect success

When I was asked to be the first tee box announcer at the Boeing Classic, there is no way I could have turned it down! The pros on the Champions Tour are the perfect gentlemen. Total class. I was able to get the tournament to let my nephew Tyson pass out score cards to the [...]

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Two new ladies!

Wow what an honor to receive two Emmy awards this past weekend. It reminds me how cool it is that we get paid to do what we do. Thanks to Scott Jensen, Mark Ginther, Ken Jones, Derek Austin and the entire staff who made these stories possible last year. As always, nothing is possible without [...]

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Never stop digging. A firefighter story from ‘the pile’

Searchers: ‘We won’t stop digging’ By Jake Whittenberg The mud and debris is like spaghetti. It’s the only way for Eric Finzimer to describe it. “You know, when you have sort of, cooked spaghetti and you clump sauce on it. There are all these empty spaces,” he says. “That’s what it’s like.” The seemingly endless [...]

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WJEA conference. Your dreams await!

Great panel discussion this weekend on covering weather and advanced forecasting with Cliff Mass, Seth Wayne from KOMO and KIRO’s Sam Argier. A lot of bright minds in attendance for the Washington Journalism Education Association conference. An important moment happened … Afterwards, a young lady approached me with questions. She told me she wants to [...]

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Seahawks Parade!

What a day! The Seattle Seahawks victory parade was an historic moment in the city’s history. Proud to be a part of it. For those of you that missed it, here is our complete coverage. Full parade

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Put a ring on it

This is the closest I will ever be to being an NFC champion. Former Seahawk Joe Tafoya let me wear his NFC Championship ring after our interview! That puppy is heavy! Leading up to Super Bowl 48 ive had the chance to meet several players, past and present. This moment with Joe was pretty cool! [...]

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A chilling speech from the ‘Green River Judge’

Here is my full interview with U.S. District Court Judge Richard A. Jones. He was the judge who sentenced ‘Green River Killer’ Gary Ridgway. Wednesday was the 10th anniversary of the sentencing. Jones gave a chilling speech at the time and in our interview, he reflects on that day and what life has been like [...]

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Online love growing in unusual ways

Sometimes you meet people that inspire stories that you never saw coming! When I heard about Al and Alice meeting online…at age 80!…. I knew there needed to be a story. We were able to piece-meal this together over the course of four shifts. (a little here a little there). …its proof you can be [...]

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Senator Ed Murray opens up in our pre-election interview

Note from Jake: I had a chance to sit down with State Senator Ed Murrary and his partner Michael at their home. We also profiled Mayor Mike Mcginn for our profile peices. See @TeresaYuan for that. With state Senator Ed Murray showing a commanding lead in the race for Seattle’s next mayor, the 58 year [...]

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New cycle tracks are confusing drivers, cyclists and reporters

Story here Construction of a new, separated bike lane in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood is confusing some drivers. The 1/3-mile cycle track from E. Denny Way to E. Union Street includes bike lanes that are painted green and a concrete barrier to separate drivers from cyclists. Several “no parking” signs are posted, but that’s not [...]